Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here fishy, fishy

Do you see the fish? Neither do we but they will be coming soon. Jared's dad so kindly lent us his aquarium and we spent one night setting it up and buying lost of fun fish stuff. We plan to fill it full of fun and unique fish. So stay tunned :)

Go Margy go!!!

Jared and I saw Margy in action this summer.
She played soccer and did a great job.

SAY CHEESE! Mom and sister Lucy sit on the
side lines cheering Margy on!


While Jared’s family was visiting we hosted a pizza party. But this was not your ordinary pizza party…I made fresh pizza dough and everyone got to make a pizza of their choice. Here you can see Jared trying to toss the dough and the yummy pizza Margy made.