Friday, June 25, 2010

A day with Jamo

My little brother is leaving so soon! He'll only be here for about 4 more weeks. So when he invited me and Ethan to Thanksgiving point I said YES! (even though I was tired and not feeling very good) Jamason (aka Jamo) is working at Thanksgiving point this summer which means that we get into most of the events for free! We went to the farm land and then to the dino museum. The kids loved to see the animals and pet the cows and horses. Best of all they got to ride the horses. Ethan told me that he could do it all by himself and he did. He didn't need me to walk along with him and would often say "Yee Haw!" Oh how my little boy is growing up.

The Zoo

Last week Jared took part of the day off and we went to Hogle Zoo with his sisters and their kids. It was a lot of fun and so exciting to watch Ethan get so excited about the animals. He seemed to really enjoy the zoo this year. Unfortunately I was not very prepared because I forgot to charge my camera battery so I only took a few pictures.
Ethan really loved the monkeys
Here the boys are looking at the elephants and watching them eat.
Here they are watching the baby elephant eat strawberries
Margy, Lucy, & Macie
My last photo of the day. We actually got to see the gorillas moving around and even pounding on their chests. After this we went to a little show that talked about animal homes and the kids got to pet a possum and a snake. Then it was on to the train ride and some fun on the playground. It was a fun family day :)

Water Park

Highland has a hidden water park that we love to play at. Jared's sisters and I took the kids to play and boy did they love it. I thought for sure that Ethan would need to have me by his side playing in the water but I was wrong. As soon as we got there he took off and only came to see me when he wanted a snack. It was fun to just sit and relax and watch Ethan enjoy playing in the water with his cousins.

This picture was take at the very end of our day of fun. It was perfect weather for the moms to sit and visit but a little cold for the kids.

The boys loved to play in the water with their trucks. I'm sure we'll be back to this park many times before the summer is over.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Marathon Pictures

Here are the pictures that Jared's dad took while Jared was running his marathon.
This one was taken at the half way mark

Running through the finish line
Happy to be done with his 26.2 miles