Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Our Thomas Adventure

My friend Kristy invited me and the kids to go up to Heber to meet Thomas the train with her and her boys. We meet at the mouth of the canyon, loaded my kids into her car and started our adventure. As we were chatting and traveling we heard this bang then a thud, thud, thud. Kristy quickly pulled over and we got out of the car so figure out what happened. Sure enough we had a flat tire. So there were are with a car full of kids on the side of a very busy road with a flat tire. Now some may think that we'd just wait until someone came to our rescue but not these girls. We got down and dirty. Pulled out the jack, got the spare tire out and went to work...
Well I should say that Kristy went to work. I played more of the support role. Ha! We got the car jacked up but could not get the lug nuts off. Which Kristy knew that would happen so as soon as we pulled over she called her hubby to come help us. As we waited for her husband a few fishermen came up from fishing so we kindly asked them to help us. As Kristy and the fishermen worked on the car I went to check on the kids. By this point all of them were crying and terrified that we were going to fall over the edge and into the water. (we were parked near the river and they could see it from the car). After lots of tears and telling them that this is our fun adventure I finally got them to calm down. 
So Kristy's hubby came and between everyone we got the tire changed and were back on the road. We now were very behind schedule and barley made it in time to catch our ride on Thomas the train. 
I think the kids had lots of fun and Ethan talked about getting a flat tire for a few days. Hopefully that's not the only part he remembers. Thanks for the memorable times Kristy!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Madelyn's 1st haircut

Beware this is a long story but a good one. I have never been so sad and so angry in one day until this day...

Every morning the kids and I get up, eat breakfast and then I let Ethan watch a show while Madelyn plays on the floor. This day was the same as any other day. I was back on the computer checking my email and could hear the kids playing. I could hear Madelyn playing with her toys and babbling as she always does. Then she let out this horrible scream and started crying. I bolted down the hall and was meet half way my Ethan who had my sewing scissors in his hands. At first I thought he had hit Madelyn on the head with them and then to my horror I realized that her hair was all over the floor. I picked her up and saw this...
Ethan had cut her hair! I was so angry that I sent Ethan to time out and went to the back room in shock. What! Why and how did this happen? At first I was so angry with Ethan but as I sat on the floor and thought about what had just happened I realized that I could only be angry with myself. I was not watching the kids like a hawk and had left the scissor on the kitchen table where Ethan found them. I then sent a picture to Jared and called my best friend to come to my rescue. Jared had the car at work and I was stuck at home with the kids. I knew that her hair cut was pretty bad and that most likely the only way to fix it was to buzz her. But I was hoping that my friend would be able to do something other then that.

After collecting myself I looked at Madelyn and saw why she screamed the way she did. Ethan had cut her neck. Along with all of her hair. I went to Ethan and we had a long talk about cutting hair. I told him that the only people who cut hair are mom, dad, and my friend Kristy. I asked him why he cut her hair and he said that it was long and she need a hair cut. I laughed a little inside cuz I guess to a 3 year old her hair did look long. So he sat in the corner longer and I took away all shows for the day.

My friend came over and looked at how short he cut her hair and said that really the only way to fix it is to buzz it. I knew that she was right but I just couldn't do it. So she just trimmed her up and tried to make the best of it.
While she was cutting her hair I started to feel like the worst mom ever. Why did I let this happen. My sweet baby girl now looks like a boy all because I wasn't watching them close enough. I actually got so sad and upset that I had to take a little break from it all. I went to my bedroom and cried for a few minutes. Then came back to see the final hair cut. She look terrible but there was nothing I could do about it now.
Life has gone on and Madelyn is fine. Her hair has actually start growing in pretty well. This was just a small moment in time and I'm sure it won't be the last time I feel this way but for that moment it was a big deal and a day full of ups & downs.

Easter Sunday

Easter morning started out with the kids finding their baskets. 
And looking at all of the fun stuff inside. The Easter bunny brought plenty of goodies, books, a movie, new outfits and toys.
Next we headed to church (in their new outfits but I forgot to get their picture) and then up to my grandma's for some yummy food and good family time. One thing I love about my family is their willingness to play with the kids. The kids wanted to play red- rover and duck, duck goose. And so my siblings did. What fun Aunts and Uncles my kids have. 
Next it was time for the egg hunt. We had so many eggs that I think each kid got 50 or more eggs.
Look at all this eggs! I think the egg hut was very successful. It was a great holiday and fun to spend time with family. 

The day before Easter

Our Easter weekend started out with Ethan coloring eggs. He was very excited about this and even more excited that he got to color on them with a crayon.

Saturday morning we had the crazy idea to go to the Provo city Easter egg hunt. HUGE mistake. It was so busy that Jared dropped Ethan and I off at the park while he looked for a parking spot. We walked around and found his age group. We had to wait for a little while and when they said go it was over in 30 sec. Jared didn't even get to see it. The kids and their parents in front of Ethan and I got all of the eggs. Parents were scooping up eggs by the arm full and poor Ethan only got TWO eggs. It was a horrible experience. 

So Jared decided to take Ethan to Thanksgiving point in hopes that their egg hut was better. NOPE it was about the same. But Ethan was able to do two more hunts there and came away with about 14 eggs. Here he is waiting for the egg hunt to start.
Here you can see how ridiculous this is. Look at how many people there are!
And here's Ethan with his few eggs. Luckily I had an egg hunt planned for Sunday. 
Thanksgiving point did have a few other activities going on so Ethan was able to ride the cow train and play on the blow up slide. He came home happy and excited about his eggs so I think it turned out okay but we're never doing a city egg hunt again. 

My buddy & kid sister

I have a feeling that these two will grow up being good friends. Ethan LOVES his sister so much and always wants her to play with him. Madelyn LOVES her brother and he's the one that can make her laugh best.
This little scene is a daily occurrence. Any time Ethan has a nap or goes to bed he wants Madelyn to come too. We sing a few songs together and then it's time to sleep. Ethan always ask if Madelyn can sleep in his bed. I'm pretty sure that if I let her stay in his bed there would be no sleeping for either child.