Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Camping with the Vidoni's

A few weekends ago we had the annual Vidoni camp out and it was so much fun! Over all the weather was great but a few nights it was really cold. We arrived Thursday afternoon and spent most of the day setting up camping and exploring our camp ground. Friday we had a b-day party for Race, went hiking and roasted marshmallows.

Grandma Vidoni was making lunch for everyone on Friday and she had 3 little helpers.

Lucy, Jocie & Ethan

Happy Birthday Race!

Mmmm cupcakes!

Here are a few pictures of us hiking but the trail was closed so our hike was really short. Ethan got to ride in this awesome backpack. He thought it was great!

All the kidos hiking

We also went to the Ice Cave where pioneers stored their ice. It was pretty cold in there. You can see that everyone is standing on a pile of snow inside cave.

Later that night the boys were breaking up some branches to add to the fire and Ethan wanted to do it too. Jared's holding the branch so that Ethan can step on it and break it. He's so funny! He wanted to do everything the older kids were doing.

Jared's mom had a fun story for the kids about how she had found some magic beans and she wanted the kids to plant them and see what happens.

Here's Ethan planting his bean.

and here's what it grew

Saturday was the 4th of July and We started the day out with a nice flag ceremony conducted by Jared's dad. He taught us about flag etiquette and then the kids each got their own little flag to take care of.

Then I did a fun craft with the kids making sock puppets. They seemed to really enjoy making them and it provided hours of entertainment. These kids have such a good imagination!

After lunch we headed over to the lake for a little fishing. Here's me helping Ethan cast his line and reel it in. He thought this was so much fun.

I think that each of the kids were able to catch a fish and Jared caught a ton of fish...I think like 12 or more.

After fishing and dinner we had family pictures taken by Ray's awesome girlfriend Amy!

Then it was a trip to Cedar City for fireworks to end our wonderful 4th of July and Vidoni camping trip. I'm so glad we do this every year and I hope it's something we can keep doing.