Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mother's Day

I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! The day started out with Jared letting me sleep in while he took care of Ethan. When I woke up and come to the kitchen I found this...
Breakfast (waffles, eggs, and sausage) a dozen BEAUTIFUL roses, an AMAZING picture of Christ and the MOST yummy chocolate treats. I was totally surprised cuz I told Jared that for my Mother's Day present I wanted to buy some flowers to plant in our yard but I'd wait to get those later. So I wasn't expecting anything! Isn't my husband wonderful! I love him so much and I so lucky to have such a sweet, loving, thoughtful hubby.

After breakfast we got ready for church and then went to my mom's for dinner and a wonderful phone call from my little brother who's on his mission in Iowa. He'll be home in less then 6 months! Wow time has gone by so quickly! I'm so proud of him!

Then we headed up to my grandma's for a visit and the later to see Jared's mom. She came up from St. George this weekend and we had such a great visit. Ethan had loads of fun. He played all day with Addy. These pictures were taken at my Grandma's in her tree house. They are so cute together.

While we were at my mom's Ethan figured out how to climb up the ladder and on to my mom's trap. He LOVED it! These are a few clips of Ethan jumping.

Silly Ethan

This is a picture of my closet and Ethan's favorite hiding place. When he's into something he knows he shouldn't be he hides here. When we are playing a game and he's running from me...he hides here. Whenever I need to find him I'll look here first.

And here is a picture of Dad dressing up Ethan. I laughed pretty hard when they showed me his new look.

Our Square-Foot Garden

Since Jared and I have been married we've always had some kind of garden. The first year our garden was at my grandma's and was semi succesful. Last year I was excited to have our garden in the back yard but all I got planted was 4 tomato plants that my dad gave me and I planted them WAY too late. All I got was green tomatos. BUT this year will be different (we hope). We have a square-foot garden! Jared's mom and I took this class a few years ago during education week and it was really interesting and seems full-proof and easy. So are giving it a go and I'm very hopeful that we will have a susseful harvest.

First Jared built our garden boxes.
(As you can see Ethan was daddy's little helper.) Next Jared mixed the dirt. Then we filled the boxed and made our gride.Then we planted carrots, peppers, 3 kinds of tomatos, strawberries, cucumbers, straight neck squash, & spagehtti squash. We also planted 2 rows of corn and cantalope out side of our boxes. I know it's a lot of stuff but just imagine all of the yummy things we'll be eating.