Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just in case you didn't know...


I love to hear my kids laugh. There is nothing sweeter then to hear the laughter of your own children. Ethan can really get Madelyn going. While we were decorating the Christmas tree Ethan had Madelyn laughing pretty hard. And of course when I get out the camera she stops. But I was able to get a little bit of her laugh in these videos.


January 2nd was a big day for me. It was Ethan's first day of Sunbeams and Madelyn turned 5 months! How on earth did this happen. My little boy is not so little, he's in PRIMARY!!! And my sweet little baby girl is 5 months old. When I took Ethan to his class he was very sad and a little scared. I kept telling him how much fun it will be and to be brave. As I sat him in his seat he had tears in his eyes and wanted me to hold him. I just about broke into tears myself. I knew that he'd be in good hands and really enjoy primary but it was hard to say good-bye. I had to do it quickly or I'd be crying right along with him. It's hard for me to believe that he'll be going to pre-school next year.

More on Christmas day

After opening present at our house we went to my parents for our annual Christmas morning breakfast. Then it was on to MORE presents. This year my parents gave the kids a special present., one made by their grandpa. My dad made each family their own picnic table that is identical to the one that we had as kids. I love it when my kids get handmade gifts. I think it make the gift that much more special and valuable. Here's a good picture of the tables along with some of the fun stuff my mom got for the kids to do on their table.
This picture makes me laugh. What kid is excited for clothes? I guess mine.
Here's a cute picture of Ethan tell my mom thank you for his present.
So this year for my parents Christmas gift all of the kids when in together to get them a new computer. I'd been stressing over this present all month because I wanted to make sure we got them a good computer and I wanted it to be a big surprise. 

When we were kids my dad would play a trick on us and only give us part of our gifts. For instance when I was about 12 or 13 I wanted my own CD player. So I got a CD in my stocking but no CD player. My dad asked me why would go get a CD when you don't have a CD player? I of course had no idea but was thankful for what I got. My dad then told me to start looking around and see if maybe I could find some other presents. So then it was a big hunt to find the rest of your presents. This kind of gift giving continued on for the rest of my life and continues on today. So why am I telling you all of this. Because as adults we play the same trick on our dad. 

First we gave him and my mom 2 presents. The first one was a computer cable. When they opened it we asked them why would you need a new computer cable? Then they got the rest of their present which was the new computer. I think my parents really like their present and I know it was a big surprise.
After breakfast and opening presents we headed to my Grandma's for more yummy food and more presents. As you can tell Christmas in my family is all about good food and presents. Here is a picture of all of the grandkids on the Withers side at my Grandma's. The kids are all growing up so quickly. Even mine. 

Christmas Morning

I think Jared and I were more excited about Christmas morning then Ethan was. Ethan woke up and did his usually routine of coming into our room and climbing into our bed. After a few minutes we reminded him that it was Christmas and that we need to go out and see if Santa came. He got super excited and headed down the hall to the front room.  Here you can see that Santa found our house and left the kids lots of presents.

Here are a few pictures of Ethan opening some of his presents. As he started going through everything he ask "Where is my big red truck?" with a concerned kind of look on his face. We told him to keep opening his presents and see if Santa brought it. After opening a few presents he found it and boy was he happy!
Then Madelyn and Ethan got to open their big present from Santa.
Ethan loves this present and is always cooking something. And although Madelyn is too young to play with it right now I'm sure she'll love it to...and they'll be lots of fights over this kitchen.
More presents...
Madelyn even got in on the action.
And here are a few pictures of Madelyn open her presents
It was a great Christmas morning at home!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we let the kids exchange presents, open a family present and then it was off to bed. Here Madelyn is opening her present from Ethan (which he picked out all on his own).
A super soft Dumbo! Which is funny to me cuz he's never seen this movie. But it sure is cute!
Here's Ethan opening his present from Madelyn. Dad helped her pick it out. 
 A zhu-zhu pet named Stinker
And here Ethan is opening our family present which was the movie Despicable Me. We put on jammies, watched the movie, and then put out cookies & milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer. 
Ethan was very excited for Santa to come and didn't have too much of a hard time going to sleep. I let him skip his nap that day so I think that helped with him falling a sleep so quickly. 


Just before Christmas we had a huge snow storm. Ethan has been looking forward to the snow all winter. Here are a few pictures of him playing in the snow. 
 These pictures are from Jared and Ethan going sledding. Jared said he had a lot of fun and was even brave enough to do down the hill by himself.

Letter to Santa

This year Ethan seemed to really understand Christmas and who Santa was. So we had him write a letter to Santa. Here Ethan & Jared are filling out his letter and telling Santa that he wants a big truck. 
The letter is in the envelope all sealed up and read to go to the mail box. Look how excited he is!
Here he is sending his letter to Santa. I loved this and think it will become a new Christmas tradition.