Tuesday, February 03, 2009


It was a very exciting and intense game on Sunday but the Steelers did it. They won their 6th super bowl and we couldn't be more excited. Jared's brother had a party at his house with lots of yummy food and lots of very excited fans. Here are some pics and videos for your enjoyment.

Here you can seen everyone wearing their 3-D glasses as we watch the commercials

Cheering on the Steelers and waving their towels.

This is me trying to entertain Ethan so that he doesn't get in the way of the 3 TVs.

Here's the crew cheering the players on. There's a TV on the wall next to the blow-up Steelers helmet. Any time something exciting happened everyone jumped up and got really close to the TV.

Almost made it

This is the video that you really want to watch. I was able to catch their reaction to the winning touch down. You can see Amy standing on the couch in the back trying to see the TV and then when the boys start cheer she runs for her life. At one of the games the boys got so excited that they fell onto the couch and almost broke it.

Yes we did it! We won!!!

I was only able to get the very end of them cheering cuz my camera was too slow.

Jared, Ethan & Chad

Beau & Jen

Our Little Steeler Family