Friday, January 30, 2009

Goin' to the Super Bowl

We're not really going to the super bowl but the Steelers are!!! And if you know my husband then you know that he is a HUGE fan of the Steelers. Jared's brother Ray is having a HUGE, FUN party that will be full of food and very anxious Steelers fans. I'll make sure to take lots of pics and some fun video. Last time they went to the super bowl it was a CRAZY party full of wild, excited men and some that were a little on the drunk side. But hey they won and we had fun. GO STEELERS!!!


He LOVES cats & dogs. Martha (the lady I clean for) has a cat that comes and goes and Ethan loves it. As soon as he sees the cat he looks at me says "Mauw" and then tries to pet the cat only his pets are more like a nice slap. Poor cat. Here are a few video clips of him and the cat. Once we get inside the cat knows to come to the back door where Ethan will stand and "Mauw" at the cat.

What a mess!

Here's what happens when I don't watch Ethan's every move. He finds things he should be into...makes a HUGE mess...and thinks it's great fun. He loved running across the spilled carmel popcorn and laughed every time he went back and forth.

A couple of LOs

I LOVE to scrapbook and I really LOVE to digital scrapbooking. So I thought I'd start sharing more of the layouts that I've been creating. Here are a few of my favorite from the Christmas season. The first one is of Ethan eating a banana. He loves bananas and he insist on eating them all by himself.
The second one is of him eating cookies. He has quickly become my little cookie monster but you'd never know that cuz he's so skinny.

And last but not least is one of my all time favorites. I LOVE this picture of Jared and Ethan.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Morning

This year we had a wonderful Christmas. It was so much fun to have Ethan old enough to open his own presents (with the help of mom & dad) and get so excited for his gifts. The day started out a little rough though. Ethan woke up at 2:30 am and wanted to play. Jared stayed up with Ethan for a few hours and then finally was able to get him back to sleep. Then around 9am we got up and dressed and sat around the Christmas tree to open our presents. I wasn't able to get any pictures of him opening his presents but here are a few of him enjoying them.

If you can't tell from this picture Jared is holding up a million dollar check. Every time we check the mail we always ask each other if there was a million dollar check and of course there's not so I thought it would be funny to make him this check and put it in his stocking. Too bad we can't cash it :)

Snow, Snow, Snow

We have had so much snow this year it's crazy! I've lived in UT my whole life and I can't remember that last time we had this much snow. Here are a few pictures I took to remember this white winter.
This is Jared's brother Jimmy posing for me in the snow. This was taken just before Christmas and we had almost a foot of snow!

Here's Jared happily shoveling the snow. I think this was his 4th of 5th time shoveling that day.And here is Ethan enjoying the snow for the first time. We don't have any boots or snow pants for him so he just gets to enjoy the snow from the side walk. He loves it though! Every time we go out to the car he walks over to the lawn and gets a fist full of snow. Next year I'll be ready for the snow and Ethan will have a snow suit.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dancing Ethan

We have this drawer that is just full of junk and Ethan loves to dig in it and pull everything out. One day Ethan found my ipod shuffle and the headphones that go with it. He brought it to me and new that you put the headphones in your ears. So I turned on the music and here's what happened...

Friday, January 02, 2009

Up & Down

My Grandma has a ramp over the stairs that go from her kitchen to the family room. Ethan loves this ramp because he knows how to go up it and down it all by himself. Here's a little video clip to show you what he did for at least a half hour on Christmas day.

Family Photo Shoot

My wonderful friend Brittney took our family pictures this year. They turned out so cute. She is so amazing and I'm so glad she's my friend. Thanks again Britt!

I made this page about some of my favorite pictures. It was such a sweet and tender moment. We were trying to do a family hug picture but at first Ethan didn't want to do it. Then all of a sudden he realized what we wanted him to do and he gave us a big tight hug around our necks. We love getting hugs from Ethan. There is nothing sweeter.