Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yesterday we went to have family pictures taken. Unfortunately she was not a happy baby and didn't cooperate really well. But we did get a few good photos. At least enough to make me happy.

3 weeks already?

Yup tomorrow Madelyn will be 3 weeks old. It has been an exciting 3 weeks as we've tried to adjust to life with a very active and stubborn 2 year old and beautiful but some what fussy newborn. Here are a few pictures from the last 3 weeks...

These pictures are from the day we left the hospital. Ethan had spent the night with us and was very excited to bring his sister home.
Here is Madelyn in her coming home out fit...
This is Madelyn's favorite place to sleep. And for the first week or so this is the only place we could get her to sleep. Jared and I would take turns holding her through out the night.
And after a few nights of holding her all night we bought this...
And Jared used the box and made this for Ethan, his very one playhouse.
Remember my post about the boppy pillow from when Ethan was a newborn? Well some things never change...
Look at my cute little family...
Ethan is a very big helper. He LOVES to hold his baby sister and loves to feed her. He'll usually sit on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while he's being my helper.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Madelyn Carol Vidoni
7 lbs. 13 oz
18 1/2 in. long

We started our day out bright and early by arriving at the hospital at 6:15 am. Here I am all ready to go and waiting to be taken to the operating room.

Once I was ready to go they invited Jared in and started the surgery. At 7:59 am we heard the first cries of our precious little girl. We think she looks a lot like Ethan when he was born.

The surgery went well and Madelyn is beautiful and perfect in every way. We feel so blessed to have this little angel in our family.
Ethan loves his little sister and brought her a bunny that he made at build-a-bear. He was very excited to give her the bunny.

My parents and little sister were at the hospital with us and helped us with Ethan. They kept him while I was in surgery and then they took him to the nursery so that he could see his little sister for the first time and watch her get a bath.

We are madly in love with this little princess and can't wait to take her home.