Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Children's Musuem

For Labor Day we took Ethan to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. I've heard good things about this place but was afraid that it would be too old for Ethan. Once we got there we loved it and so did Ethan. It was totally worth our time and money.

First there was the beehive. A fun place for kids to put balls in tubes and send them all around the room. Ethan's favorite part was where he put the ball in this tub and it sucked it up. It reminded me of those tubs they use at the bank drive up.

Next was a music table that Ethan loved to play on. Jared and I even got in on the action.

After that was the playroom. This was by far Ethan's favorite place. It had a construction zone where he used blocks to build things.

A house where Ethan pretended to cook

A grocery story were Ethan got to go shopping and check out the groceries.

A farm area where Ethan stacked up the barrels of hay and drove the truck.

We spent most of our time in the playroom and I'm pretty sure Ethan would have spent all day in there if we'd let him. After this we got some lunch and then came back to the Museum to see the other rooms.

Out on the roof was a helicopter for the kids to play on and of course Ethan loved it. But it was really busy and crowded so he didn't get to play on it too long.

Next we went into the science room where they had all kinds of thing to build with. Here Jared is helping Ethan build a car.

And we can't forget about Madelyn! She was a good baby and slept most of the time giving us the chance to spend some good one on one time with Ethan. It was a great day and a fun way to spend it together.

One Month Old & Potty Training

Madelyn is now one month old! A few things we've learned in her short little life is that she had thrush and now has reflux. This is why my poor little baby was so fussy and always crying. It often seemed like when she was awake all she did was cry. But now she is taking some medicine and is a happy baby. She is just starting to make those precious little coos that I love.

In other big news Ethan is potty trained (well pretty much anyway). Last week we went to the store and let him pick out his new underwear. He of course picked the Disney pack that was full of Toy Story, Cars, Incredible's and Wally. All his favorite shows.

Then he got to pick out his own potty seat, Cars of course.

Here he is modeling his Cars underwear for me, such a silly boy!

We made a potty chart that he put a sticker on each time he went in the toilet. This was super exciting for him. Once he filled his chart with stickers we told him that he'll get a present.

He did pretty good the first day and seemed to be understanding what was going on. The second day was BAD and I almost gave up but decided to stick with it. We had a few more days of good and a few more days of bad. Then on Monday it seemed to just click. We've had very little accidents and he's doing great!