Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I found a bunch of random pictures of my kids on my phone. These pictures were not taken by me. Looks like my kids got a hold of my phone and were having a great time taking pictures of each other. I decided to make a little slideshow of the pictures.

This video is of Gracie having her first taste of these baby crackers.

Fun Pictures from 2014

Just thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures from 2014 so far.

Gracie's first bites of baby cereal. She LOVED it and is a great eater. 
I took this picture at my Grandma's viewing. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful family.

Just a fun picture of the kids. At Christmas time Ray and Amy gave everyone a gift card and the kids were so excited to use theirs on this night.

This picture is for Jimmy and Shannon. Madelyn LOVES she Christmas present!

My beautiful princess wearing curly hair and the skirt I made her for Chrismas

Sweet baby Gracie! She was feeling pretty sick this day with a nasty cough and ear infection but she was still smilin.

This picture brings me so much joy. Madelyn and Jared are looking at her scrapbook. This is why I scrapbook!

Madelyn's heart shaped hair do for Valentines day.

These were taken last weekend at the Mount Timp Temple. My brother Brandon and his wife Sara were sealed. What a beautiful day it was. We are SOOO happy for them!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beginning Again

Well it's been almost a year since I've posted anything to our blog. Since signing up for Instagram I have been pretty much only posting things there but I realize that not everyone is on Instagram. So I've decided to start posting things here again. The majority of what I post on the blog I will also be posting on Instagram. So feel free to follow me there (shannyv24).

I've also add an option for you to sign up to receive an email every time I post something on the blog (on the top right side of the blog). Then you'll always be up to date with the Vidoni's. I hope you are all well and will keep following along as I revive this blog.