Friday, June 30, 2006

Mexican Riviera

For our honeymoon Jared and I went on a cruise to Mexico. We spent one week on this HUGE ship with thousands other people and a lot of food. You could eat something at any time of the day. We had a great time and were able to see a lot of beautiful things. Here you can see our smiling faces on lover's beach.

This was take just before we got on the boat.

In Mazatlan Jared and I took a ride in what seemed like golf cart. This cute driver told us all about Mazatlan as he drove us from on side of the town to the other.

My favorite part of the cruise was at Puerto Vallarta. We did one of the shore excursions called Rhythms of the Night. You took a boat ride to a hideaway beach haven of Las Caletas. Where we were served dinner on the beach and ate by candle light. After dinner we moved to the outdoor amphitheater for stories of an ancient civilization revealed through music and dance.
I LOVED it!!!

We ran into the missionaries while walking on the beach and they were so excited to see us and took our picture for us.

At Puerto Vallarta Jared and I decided to walk up and down the beach. This cute boy followed us and asked us to buy something from his cigar box. We bought a package of Chiclet gum and he took a picture with Jared :)

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Hi Shantell and Jared

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