Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grandpa Vidoni's Birthday Party

Easter weekend was so busy for us but so exciting! Thursday night we had a 50s themed birthday party for Jared’s dad. We had dinner at the Art City Trolley in Springville and dressed up in our best 1950s costumes.

My handsome boys!

Everyone went in together and bought Jared’s dad a gift card to rent a Harley for a day. Many years ago he used to have a motorcycle so we thought he’d enjoy a drive down memory lane.

Jared’s adorable parents

Here is a group shot of the kids all dressed up.

Silly boys!

It was a fun night and great memories!


Becky said...

What a fun party. You are looking SO beautiful. Jared is looking so young. Ethan is looking SO big. Especially in those wedding pictures.

Brittney said...

Fun! I've never eaten there before. Is it fun? Is it good?