Thursday, March 06, 2014

Our New House

Big changes are happening in our family. We are building a new house in Salem. We are very excited! Here are some pictures of our house being built. 

The plans 

Our basement dug out

Basement walls up

Basement complete

Outside walls being built

Inside walls complete & roof going up
Roof done 

Shingles on and doors & windows in

This all happened with in about 4 weeks. Things are moving quickly and the house should be done at the end of April or beginning of May. 

Now many have asked why Salem. It's not closer to Jared's work. We currently live in a great location to Jared's work but we have out grown our home. It's small & with three kids we are feeling very cramped. 

We tried to find a place in our current area but it was beyond our budget. So as we expanded our search we fell in love with Salem. We were able to get the home we wanted and with in our budget. 

As things have moved forward we have felt the lords had in our lives and know that we are following his plan and doing the right thing. We are very blessed. 

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