Thursday, April 17, 2014

Moving Day

We have sold our house and it has been a great blessing for us and the lady who bought our home. It's been so neat to see the Lord answer our prayers by answering another families too. We sold our home in February but our house will not be done until May so we started searching for a rental. We wanted to stay some where close to where we are currently so that the kids can still go to school and we can still attend our current ward. We didn't want to change too much too fast with the kids. As another HUGE blessing to our family a home with in our same neighborhood and ward boundaries became available to rent. The Lord is very much aware of us and our needs and we feel his hand guiding us.

Now when moving day came it was a day full of emotions. As I packed I started to think about all of the wonderful memories we have made in our home. As furniture was take out of house it became so very empty and I started to realize that this was really happening. This was no longer our home. We have LOVED our home and saying good bye was hard.

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