Sunday, December 26, 2010


This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Vidoni's. Before dinner we went to Monkey Island which is a place full of inflatable slides. The kids had tons of fun and I think the adults did too. Kids and parents played tag all throughout the building and have fun running up down the slides. Ethan loved playing with his dad and cousins and even went down the tallest slides all by himself. Don't mind the blurry pictures. Me and my camera couldn't keep up with everyone. 

These first few pictures are of Ethan and Jared going down the slides.


 Here is Uncle Jimmy going down. I'm pretty sure he's running from Jared during this shot.
 Margy, Race and Rachael all playing tag too.
Macie sliding down. 
 They also had an area for the younger kids. Ethan, Fisher and Lucy loved playing on this slide. 
 Fisher, Ethan and Lucy...such good friends.

After a few hours of playing here we went to Jared's brother's house for a beautiful and delicious meal. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving full of happiness and memories. I'd have to say it was one of my favorite Thanksgivings.

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