Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Our big little boy!

Mr. Ethan is growing up so quickly I can hardly stand it! Here are some pictures from his 2nd dentist appointment. I was so worried about him freaking out or getting up set at his 1st appointment that I didn't even think to bring my camera. But he was cool as a cucumber and acted like it was no big deal to have his teeth checked. And he was the same way the 2nd time. He is such a big boy! This picture makes me laugh cuz he's sitting there with a smile on his face like yup I'm cool and I'm not scared!
Watching a movie while getting his teeth cleaned.
All done! Teeth looked great and he got a little goodie bag 


Carrie Lu said...

I wish Bailee did that well at the dentist. We haven't even been able to get her to sit in the chair. Maybe next time... That's cute of Ethan watching the movie, it's sure a good distraction.

Brittney said...

Thats so lucky. I think most kids do freak out. I love the pics. You're such a "scrapper" to take photos at the dentist. But I'm the same way! HAHA