Saturday, July 19, 2008

1st Hair Cut

Ethan was looking like a shaggy dog so we paid a visit to Aunt Kristy for a hair cut. At first he was happy and all smiles.

But then he started to wiggle and wanted to look at Kristy so I had to hold his head still and he was NOT happy about that at all!

After all of the tears and wiggling and screaming he looked like a handsome little man.

Thanks Aunt Kristy!

And here is a cute scrap page I made all about his 1st haircut

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The Wagners said...

SO CUTE! Cutting a baby's hair is NOT easy! She did a good job, he looks so handsome! Love the LO!! That is one of my new favorite alpahs!

Kr!sty said...

you sure could have left that gay pic of me off. I so need to lose weight! ugh. I hate pics. although... I lOVE my lil guy Vidoni! He is adorable & we totally enjoyed having you over. Come back soon, ya hear?

Beau & Jen said...

oh cute!! Did ya save a lock of his hair for his scrapbook? He is such a stud!

Beau & Jen said...


The Batty Bunch said...

So many babies to love, I can't choose just one. I love that little guy he sure is handsome, he will be a heart breaker for sure. Hey thanks for letting me join your play day with Kristy and the boys the other day, it is loads of fun to sit and laugh. BTW, Kristy I 2nd the motion from Jen, you are my BEAUTIFUL sister.

Heather Anderson said...

You are so good about posting all the milestones of ethans life. I am not. I wish I was. He is a handsome boy!

Becca said...

He definitely looks like a little boy and not a baby. Kristy is amazing with those scissors; she did the same transformation with Maks. But Maks wasn't very cooperative.

I love the scrapbook page; I'm very impressed (but not the least bit surprised) that you can blog and scrapbook.

McKell&Janeene said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! He is so cute! I need you teach me how to digital scrap book. :)

Anonymous said...

He is so CUTE!!!!
Of course he has good genes!
We can't believe how fast he is
growing up!
Auntie J & Uncle C