Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One to Two

Jared and I have been sharing one car since before we were married. I gave up on my car in the spring of 2005 and Jared so kindly let me barrow his car. We were together all of the time anyway so it worked out pretty well. Seven years later we moved on from a one car family to TWO!!! Did you read that? SEVEN YEARS! That is a stinkin long time to share just one car. But I am so thankful that we were blessed to be able to afford our new van. I LOVE IT!



Katie Jo said...

That is INSANE! hahaha I can't even believe you shared a car. I could never survive. That's awesome... and yay for a new car!!!! :) :)

Brittney said...

That is so exciting and sooo well deserved. Congrats on the new van! YAY!

Kr!sty said...

hoorah, hoorah! You DEFINITELY deserve these new wheels. I'd have killed myself to go A year, let alone seven with one car.