Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meet Massy

Have you heard of the book Elf on the Shelf? I had a friend post about this book a few years ago and I loved the idea. This year I finally got around to doing it for our family. I decided to wait until after our trip to Disneyland to start. The book came all wrapped up in a special Christmas bag that Ethan and Madelyn got to open.
We sat down and read the book together (don't mind my beautiful look I'm displaying here)
Then it was time to meet our new friendly elf and give him a name. I asked Ethan what he would like to name him and he said Massy. NO IDEA were that came from but I went with it and so begins our Christmas tradition of elf on the shelf.
The story is that Santa sent this elf to stay with us during the Christmas season. Each day he watches the kids play and at night he flies home to the North Pole to tell Santa how the kids are doing. When he comes back in the morning he is always in a new place. So each morning the kids get to find the elf. Sometimes the elf is good and just picks a new place to hang out, sometimes he find a little bit of trouble to get into and sometimes he helps himself to a late night snack.
It was really fun watching Ethan wake up each morning and find the elf and for the most part he behaved pretty good. Once we had to have a note come back from Santa though. I think this will be a great tradition for our holiday season.

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