Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The day before Easter

Our Easter weekend started out with Ethan coloring eggs. He was very excited about this and even more excited that he got to color on them with a crayon.

Saturday morning we had the crazy idea to go to the Provo city Easter egg hunt. HUGE mistake. It was so busy that Jared dropped Ethan and I off at the park while he looked for a parking spot. We walked around and found his age group. We had to wait for a little while and when they said go it was over in 30 sec. Jared didn't even get to see it. The kids and their parents in front of Ethan and I got all of the eggs. Parents were scooping up eggs by the arm full and poor Ethan only got TWO eggs. It was a horrible experience. 

So Jared decided to take Ethan to Thanksgiving point in hopes that their egg hut was better. NOPE it was about the same. But Ethan was able to do two more hunts there and came away with about 14 eggs. Here he is waiting for the egg hunt to start.
Here you can see how ridiculous this is. Look at how many people there are!
And here's Ethan with his few eggs. Luckily I had an egg hunt planned for Sunday. 
Thanksgiving point did have a few other activities going on so Ethan was able to ride the cow train and play on the blow up slide. He came home happy and excited about his eggs so I think it turned out okay but we're never doing a city egg hunt again. 

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Heather said...

Oh man! I wish I would have known you were planning on that....we could have warned you. We did it about 2 years ago with Livvy (Provo City), and even with the rules (which they repeated) about how many eggs you could take so that there were enough for everyone, and about parents not touching the eggs, it was a madhouse! Parents were totally grabbing eggs, some kids' baskets were overflowing, and us,..well, Livvy got 2 eggs. But, we figured the joke was on all those greedy parents and kids because the year we went, there wasn't any candy in them - it was just stickers and silly stuff. Livvy was young enough she didn't mind but we decided then and there we weren't wasting our time or effort for that madness ever again!

Glad that Ethan got to go to Thanksgiving Point and enjoy some of the other fun activities there. He looks so big!! We really need to get together. I'm emailing you about that now.