Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fourth of July

This year for the Fourth of July we spent some time with Jared's family. We went to his sisters house had some yummy food and the went over to a church parking lot to watch some fireworks. Here the kids are lighting their sparklers and have some fun.
Unfortunately that all ended when Ethan got burnt by a sparkler. One of the sparklers touched his head, burning it and his hair. You can see where he got burnt in this picture.
 Poor kid cried through most of the fireworks but eventually he calmed down and fell as sleep. 
In the end it was a fun night. We ended it with our own fireworks back at Jared's sister's house. 


Brittney said...

Way cute new blog design!! Man - you guys are full of all sorts of summer fun this year! So sad E got burned! YIKES!

Carrie Lu said...

Sorry Ethan got burned, poor guy, I bet that hurt pretty bad. I love your new blog design too, you're so crafty and cute!

Leslie & Matt said...

I love fireworks & I also love watching how excited little kids are about even the smallest ones! Our family completely skipped out on the sparklers & I knew something was missing! Poor Ethan probably wishes he had skipped out on them-Ouch! Will his hair grow back there?