Tuesday, August 09, 2011


This year for our Vidoni camping trip we went to Moab. It was hot, full of misquotes and TONS of fun. This year we stayed in a campground where each family had a little cabin with A/C. Totally worth all of our money.
Our buddy Chad came down with us and brought our bike and bike trailer. The kids loved going on bike rides.
Our first hike was to the delicate arch. Thanks to my awesome brother we had this handy dandy backpack for Madelyn. At first she seemed so happy and excited to be in it. But as the hike went on she HATED it. She pretty much cried the entire hike. Here are a few picture of us getting ready to go.
Here you can see most of our group hiking.
These two little guys were best buddies all weekend.
Along the trail were piles of rocks to show you were to hike. Of course these two had to find rocks to add the pile.
Here were at the top
On the way back Jared went as fast as he could cuz Madelyn would not stop crying. So our buddy Chad stay behind with me and Ethan. Often being my helper and carrying him a long the way.
Back at camp we went to the pool to cool off but Madelyn hated it. Ethan didn't have too much fun either but I'm guess it's because the pool was over crowded with a bunch of rude teenagers. But my nieces and nephew didn't mind.
That night we played some minute to win it games. Here's Rachael trying to hit bottles of water with a ball and nylon on her head.
The kids tired to drop clothes pins into a jar
Jared and Rachael trying to move m&ms from one jar to another with a straw.
Chad and Chad trying to move the golf ball to the center of the racket using only their knees.
Later that night we had a fun story of how Grandma & Grandpa got some magical beans. 
We each got to help tell the story and then we planted our beans in our cup & set the cup outside our door. In the morning we found this...
A group of crazy hikers got up early the next day and went to do the devils garden hike (Jimmy if you are reading this send me some pictures) so the rest of us went to do few easy hikes. Here we are at the balancing rock.
Aren't these babies cute?!
Next we went to double arch
Once everyone was back from all of the hikes we had some lunch and drove out to dead horse point.
Then it was back to camp for some dinner. Here's Miss Madelyn enjoying her first taste of watermelon. We just enjoyed hanging out at camp the rest of the day and then it was back home the next day.
I love camping and making memories. There is so much to do in Moab that I'm sure we'll be back again. Especially when the kids get older and we can do more.


webster farm said...

We went there last year for our family reunion, and we even stayed in the same place! Looks like you guys had a blast and your kiddos are so stinkin cute! Love the minute to win it idea!

Carrie Lu said...

That's awesome that you went hiking, babies and all! Great photos, I love southern Utah. I want to take my kids to do that stuff too, when they're a little older.